Monday, April 25, 2011

Weight Loss

All of you are just getting to know me, so none of you are probably aware of the struggles I have had, for years, with my weight. However, hopefully this summer all of that will change! I have started a competition with a few friends from college here in our hometown, and we are going to be blogging about our weight loss, our journeys to how we developed the weight in the first place, and our general feelings about the process. Join us!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are we having another writers strike?

It seems like this season of shows is very thin. I do not know if it is just because my husband and I don't have as many shows on our "list to watch" as we did in college or what, but it seems like we are going weeks and weeks without having shows to watch regularly. This week, the only show we watch tonight (Thursdays) that is on is the Office, and that is only semi regularly. Maybe I just notice this because we DO have too many shows we watch, and when they aren't on, there is a void. Have your favorite shows been canceled a lot this season?

The name of the blog

The name of this blog was inspired by a shirt my paternal grandmother gave me several years ago. As a child, I read almost constantly. In the summer, I would finish two to three books a week. So, the shirt read Cats? Books? Life is Good. However, now that passion is not so much limited to books (going from high school to undergraduate work, then straight into a Master's degree kind of kills the desire to read for fun), and has extended to all forms of media, more specifically television. Hence, the name.

Ramblings of a future media critic

First, a welcome. Welcome to my blog, which will be a collection of ramblings about my cats, the media I enjoy, graduate school, and anything else that pops into my head at any given time. You'll never know what you are getting from me!

My name is Sharon, and I am a graduate student in Professional Communication. That probably doesn't mean much to most of you who are reading this, so let me explain. At my university, our Master's program in Communication can really be formed to whatever the student wants it to be. I have chosen a route that involves taking mostly media classes. My goal is to become an excellent Cultural Studies scholar, and eventually spend most of my time teaching at a university and watching television shows and critiquing them for research. This blog is a start up to make that happen.

I am also happily married. We have been together since we were 18, and have been together for 6 years (if you do the math, you can figure out how old we are at this point in time). He is a web designer for a trucking company, but enjoys media about as much as I do. We have three wonderful, furry children who never cease to make us laugh. Their names are Carbon Teddy(like the element), Hiro Bonsai (like the character from Heroes), and Echo Lilian Penny (Echo from Dollhouse, Lily from How I Met Your Mother, and Penny from The Big Bang Theory). My other passions include traveling, doing home improvement projects (even when they might not be necessary), and many other things that will be unveiled in this blog.