Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Accepted in disbelief

In September, I submitted to my first Communication conference. I decided to submit the day it was due, and got rejected as I expected would happen.

However...I submitted to my 2nd Communication conference last week. Knew I would find out in a week if I had been accepted. Fully expected to get rejected again.

Tonight I got on the computer to do my usual 11:30 PM email check (which I need to stop) and saw an email from the conference organizers. Heart started beating fast...became hard to breathe...and I opened it. And it said "Congratulations"

What? Congratulations? Seriously? That made my heart beat faster and made it even HARDER to breathe

But next month, I will be presenting my (currently needs work) synthesis paper (written as a graduation requirement) at the Ray Browne Popular Culture conference in Bowling Green, Ohio. And I imagine I will be in disbelief until the minute I step down from that podium.

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