Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stupid laws

This was a website I frequented in high school when we were sat in the computer lab for hours on end but only had 30 minutes worth of work to do

However, now I am actually LIVING it. Indiana decided to pass a law that prohibits drivers from texting. Ok, whatever, its not like we have actual important things going on in this state (like our educational system falling apart), so a texting law was SO needed. But this post isn't about the texting law. I rarely do it (OK now I never do it) and I doubt it will really affect me. BUT...what gets me is what is being said about it by the cops.

In the first paragraph, it says "Officers say voluntary compliance is key" to the law being successful.

What? other laws...voluntary compliance ISN'T key?! So what IS key in all of our other laws? People tattling on one another? Police actually paying attention (which is another post...I know there are lots of good officers out there, but there are a small majority who don't do their jobs)? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT ELSE IS KEY PLEASE! Last I checked, every time I followed a law I was complying voluntarily. No one is holding a gun to my head (which would be THEM committing a crime) getting me to follow said law.

If someone could explain this to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I will be posting tomorrow the story of why my allergies have been so bad in great detail. There will also be a moral to my story.

Til tomorrow.

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