Friday, July 1, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Ep 1

Before you read this, if you are NOT a current True Blood fan, go here and watch this video,,20504479,00.html

You back? Caught up? Good.

The season opened with Sookie in a fairy dimension after falling into it at the end of last season. They keep offering her this weird fruit stuff, but she doesn't fall for it. She also sees her grandfather that she has believed to be dead for 20 years (Which is fairy time is a week). Long story short, fairies (or faeries?) aren't quite the lovely people we would expect them to be, and as Sookie tries to escape they turn into something that looks more like goblins. To escape, she has to jump in a gorge, Grandpa following her all the way.

They fall through a portal into Bon Temps, fairly close to the cemetery where Grandma, and Sookie's parents are buried. Grandpa quickly falls to dust because he had eaten the fruit stuff (No, I don't have the explanation for this). Sookie runs to her home and finds it being remodeled. The construction worker (construction, shudder) calls the police on her. The policeman is her brother Jason, who explains that she has been gone 12.5 months (Which felt like 15 minutes fairy time).

The regular hijinks of True Blood ensue after this point, and we get caught back up with all of our main characters. I think my current favorite is the evolution of the Jessica/Hoyt relationship...I just can't help but root for those two!

In all, I think it is shaping up to be a pretty good season. I will generally post more lengthy blogs than this one, but I didn't feel like writing "We met back up with so and so and this happened" 15 times, so this was easier :).


  1. Technically they are called Fae. I had a boyfriend obsessed with this stuff once. But it's all the same. All the different spellings mean the same. :)

    How do you feel about Tara? Or should I say Tony?

    I agree. This episode was not worth going on and on, since it was basically a "catch you up on everyone" episode. But I am extremely curious to see how this season pans out. I am loving an important part you left out though.

    Sookie is Eric's now. :) MMMMM. I'll be his anyday.

  2. I knew about Tara before the season the big reveal wasn't very revealy for me (and you may have told me before...but I knew before you told me too. yay spoilers)

    Im still waiting to see where the season goes with Eric and Sookie before making any decisions, cause I know how the books go sort of, but since Bill and Sookie is such a big deal IDK if the authors will continue with Eric/Sookie