Sunday, October 2, 2011

Amazing Race Week 2-My heroes leave TAR

So, just in case you didn't figure out from my last post...I love Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn. I have for YEARS. They are both so involved in charity work, Ethan gave a good chunk of his Survivor: Africa winnings to his charity Grassroots Soccer. Last year, AS he was going through cancer treatments, he participated and helped fuel the Survivor team for Stand Up to Cancer. Jenna has been right through his side through everything. I was so excited to see them run the Race this season that I was probably pretty obnoxious about it to those around me. heroes fell victim to the classic Race fault...that is...not reading a sign in its entirety. This isn't the first time this has happened...nor were they the first team on tonight's episode to fall victim to this. They just happened to be the team who fell victim at the absolute worst moment.

We started tonight's episode in Taiwan, with Ernie and Cindy leaving at 9:30 (approx) PM. The teams were all gathered to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia and then move on to their final destination in Indonesia. From here, they went to the roadblock, which was a cave in no-mans-land Indonesia...but was actually a quite beautiful no-mans-land. For the roadblock, one team member got to spelunk down into a very deep cave, then run into the middle of the cave and find a sword and a creepy looking mask. After finding these items, the team member had to run back to the front of the cave, and climb a very shifty looking bamboo ladder. The rungs on the ladder were not, as Cindy discovered, conducive to those of us who are short...but man did it look fun.

The detour (welcome back!) took place in the heart of the city where our teams had arrived, and had to choose between "money maker" and "ticket taker". Money Maker's had to perform a tradition dance in the street while the locals were stopped at red lights, and then gather money from them just before it turned green. They had to gather 30000 Rupa. The other teams had to park (I believe) 15 scooters, and also raised 30000 Rupa doing so. They then had to take their earnings to an orphanage where they would receive the next clue.

There was something very key about this part of the leg. Teams had to give up, not only their earnings, but any money they had remaining from the first leg of the race. Of the 11 teams (since one was not eliminated last week), 3 read the provided sign and did so. 8 teams did not read the sign, and therefore had to go back to the orphanage to give them the rest of their money.

This is where things fell apart for, well basically everyone, but most especially Ethan and Jenna. Somehow, they fell way behind at the detour, putting them 4th to last at the orphanage and pit stop the first time. As they were running back to the orphanage, Kaylani and Lisa (who were behind them) checked in and HAD followed the rules. Then Jennifer and Jason returned from the orphanage for the second time, leaving one place left. It came down to a race between Marcus/Amani, and Jenna/Ethan. In the end, it either was not as close as the producers would lead us to believe, or Marcus and Amani truly rallied and beat Ethan and Jenna.

Ron and Bill also were eliminated tonight, but that was not as much of a surprise since they were trailing other teams since the roadblock.

All in all, tonight was a very sad night for me on the Amazing Race. Ethan, I think I speak for everyone when I say, please get on a morning or evening show and propose to that girl!!!

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