Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poor, neglected blog

So, if you are a first time reader, welcome. If you are someone who has been following me, you can obviously tell it has been a LONG time since I have written an entry. Since my last entry, Ozzy did NOT win Survivor, Ethan Zohn's cancer has come back (news which I was very sad to hear), and Mr. Danley did not win The Biggest Loser. However, I did survive my first semester of teaching, and my second to last semester of graduate school. My husband and I also applied to The Amazing Race, I took up Zumba, and I have changed my hair color to brunette.

My first semester of teaching was, to put it mildly, fantastic. I had an excellent group of about 50 students, most of whom were receptive to what I had to say and willing to take on the challenges I put in front of them, including writing one of their first (for many) college papers about Inception. I also participated in an excellent class where we put out a full on health campaign, and presented it to a few of the higher ups at my university. Finally, I had my last class (EVER :( ) with my mentor and one of the best men I know.

I hope to keep up with this blog better during this television season, as well as the new year. This is the year I will graduate with my Master's degree, at the age of 25. I am stoked for what this year may or may not have to offer, and I hope to by the end of the year have even more followers reading me.


  1. LOOOOOOOVE it and cannot wait to read more of your insights and thoughts this semester... I have missed you friend!

    Tell me about your Inception Assignment...

  2. Email me your email address, and I'll send you the rubric/assignment details!

  3. you have a mentor too?? it really is the greatest thing.